Rebel Vertex
Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Founding date:
April 23, 2016


Press / Business contact:



Porto Alegre, Brazil

+55 (051) 999447348


On Nebula Wander you are a planet navigating through a poetic universe. While you explore, collect resources mining asteroids, build your planet and discover new places. The one who wanders through nebulas must know that the universe isn't entirely peaceful, so you must remain aware. Survive building weapons and structures that can be used to defend and evolve your planet. Nebula Wander is an indie iOS premium game, launch set to the end of 2017.


Juliano Silveira

Juliano Silveira is a Technical Artist working on Aquiris Game Studio. Worked on Ballistic, Teen Titans Last Villain Standing and Super Star Soccer Goal. Juliano started Rebel Vertex as a side project to experiment with new visual ideas using game development techniques.

Leo Perantoni

Leo Perantoni is a freelance sound designer. Worked on Satellite Rush and Holodrive. Effect pedal player on the side and lover of experimental music.

Matheus Link

Matheus Link is an actor, rapper and poet, having worked prominently on the underground scene of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The Planet

Nebula Wander started as way to study new approaches on the technical side of game development art and it also became a way to explore artistic and abstract aesthetics. On gameplay side, the first prototype was meant to be a simple planet that you could build on top of it and manage constructions. It was through the process of sketching new ideas directly on the game engine that suddenly a giant turbine appeared on the planet. The flow of the planet felt like something really new. Once it started to wander, a totally different game presented itself.

The Universe

It's not meant to be a precise portrait of the universe, but a reimagined version of it. The development is all based on artistic expression, so every aspect of the game is shaped to immerse the player on the game's atmosphere.




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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Juliano Silveira
Developer, Technical Artist

Leonardo Perantoni
Music and Sound Design

Matheus Goulart Link

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